Celegin Precision Timing is a newly founded, completely independent Swedish watch brand. Our watches are completely dedicated to Swedish traditions within avaition, military and industry. We only do high quality, high specified and extremely well-finished time pieces.

News: Celegin Treudd (KA1F) to be released 10th June.

Celegin Treudd (KA1F) “Founder’s limited edition”. Photo: Johannes Mattsson

“One Of The Best Microbrand Pilot’s Watches Of 2021”

Fratello Watches

“One of the most exciting watches to come from Scandinavia in 2021!”

Beyond Horology Podcast

“When you have to look to the clasp to find something to complain about, it’s a sign of something really good.”


Our first watch in production was the pilot watch Draken (after the Swedish fighter jet J35 Draken). The founder’s limited edition (100 pcs) was launched in January 2022 and the next version comes in August.

Treudd (Swedish for Trident) is a professional diver’s watch with 300m water resistance, screw down crown, ceramic bezel and of course the same Swiss high-quality automatic movement as in Draken. The founder’s limited edition will be released during spring/summer 2022.

Draken J35S – coming in August
Draken Chronograph Automatic (J35KSI) – coming in 2023
Viggen Cockpit GMT (J37XC) – coming in 2023