Leonard Celegin, Founder of Celegin Precision Timing

For Enthusiasts by an Enthusiast

What if a watch enthusiast would have made watches just like he would have experienced them. What would the outcome be? Celegin Precision Timing is exactly this: a fully Swedish watch maker founded by an enthusiast with a burning passion for watches.

The design and concepts are all completely dedicated to Swedish traditions within aviation, military and industry.

The watches are results from long and extensive design processes. Each component, the movements and the production are all carefully selected to assure the quality one would want to achieve. The goal is always to give the best watch experience possible.

The unique thing about our watches are that the design and expression are clearly Swedish. All text on the watch is also in Swedish language.’

“More than Just Time”

A wrist watch is anything but a device to tell time. It says something about the one wearing the watch: where it has been and where it is going. Every single hairline, scratch and nick has its history from large and small adventures and ordinary days.

The words from a fellow watch enthusiast:
“When you go swimming, you leave your keys. When you go flying, you leave your folding knife. When you go climbing, your wallet stays behind. The watch, on the other hand, follows you anywhere”.

A watch is as much a piece of art as it is an instrument. This is what it’s all about: to create an experience in the intersection of artistry and utility. It is supposed to matter. That is what we want to do with openness, honesty and integrity. Something one can put one’s name on!


Our watches will be available for purchase through our webpage. Until then – and especially for the limited versions, it’s possible to make reservations. All reservations are free of charge and can be cancelled at any time. The purchase is completed once the watches are ready for delivery.

Please contact tid@celegin.se for reservations.


We’re available via e-mail and will reply as soon as we can: tid@celegin.se