May 27, 2022

Treudd (KA1F): Release date 10th June!

Starting 10th June, we’ll commence shipping of the perhaps toughest Swedish diver, Celegin Treudd (KA1F). Everyone who’s purchased/reserved/put up on the interest list will receive an e-mail with more information within the coming days.

Celegin Treudd (KA1F) “Founder’s limited edition”. Photo by Johannes Mattsson.

If you wish to order one, please use either of the following payment links:

Treudd KA1F – Within EU

Treudd KA1F – Outside EU

As of 15th of July the price will be increased by 1000 SEK (100 USD/EUR) for the remaining stock, if any.

Don’t hesistate to get in touch with us should you have any questions, thoughts or comments:

Regards from Leonard Celegin & Team 🙂

March 6, 2022

Coming releases: Treudd and Draken S

After a successful release of our first watch, Draken J35F, we’re now in good progress with our two upcoming models. First up is our professional diver, (the perhaps toughest diver in Sweden?), Treudd. Like Draken F, the release version is a “Founder’s limited edition” (100 numbered pieces). The preliminary release date is mid-June. By the end of the summer, the next version of Draken (J35S) will be available.

Treudd: the perhaps toughest Swedish diver?

Treudd (KA1F)

Treudd is a so-called professional diver’s watch. It fulfills tough requirements pertaining to material, specifications and design. Like Draken F, our release version will be a “Founder’s limited edition” priced at SEK 5 450. Our webstore is open for pre-orders (outside EU, please use this link to place your order.)

More information on Treudd here.

Draken S

Draken (J35S)

Draken S is the successor of our “Founder’s limited edition” Draken F. The new version will not be limited, but each piece will have its serial number engraved. It will also be made in small batches, and therefore we highly recommend to make a reservation.

Draken S comes with either canvas strap, leather strap or bracelet and starts at SEK 6 250.

We are looking forward to an exciting spring with more news coming up!

Questions or general inquiries: please get in touch via

October 3, 2021

Treudd: This is it

The prototype of the perhaps toughest Swedish diver watch arrived a month ago and has gone through technical and design verification. Experiencing a watch in real life is quite different compared to just viewing images. Spoiler alert: we’re very, very happy with the watch!

Nevertheless, we have decided to make one key change to the dial, which we will explain in depth in this post. The golden trident on the dial will be taken out.

The pro’s

The idea of having the golden trident on the dial was based on illustrating the connection to the symbol of the Swedish naval special forces. It was also a connection to the fighter jet silhouette on the Draken. Many sketches later…

The result was something new and unique in its own way. The trident was (almost) the only shiny detail on the watch – everything else was brushed. It was designed to appear.

The feedback came swiftly. At least the positive one.

Already at first glance of the prototype, it was obvious that the trident on the dial gave a completely different expression in real life. Its presence was very dominating and the concept of “over design” felt appropriate.

Dominating design elements

The primary reason for why the trident on the dial is taken out is simply its significant and dominating presence. Several other design elements are overshadowed. The bayonet hands are designed to be fairly discrete and almost appear in the presence of the trident. That also goes for the overall impression.

The fact that it is golden also breaks up the harmony between the dark blue and the contrasts of the watch. In worst case, we see that the overall impression of the watch gets in discord with other color.

Maybe that’d do it – having the trident in another color?

There are two more tridents on the watch: one on the crown and the big, detailed one on the case back. The trident on the dial doesn’t quite reach up to the level of the other two.

What about recoloring the trident?

The ideas of making the trident in silver or even black were explored. These versions would definitely solve some of the issues with the dominance of the trident. At least in the all black version. Still, the question of its ethos remains even more inevitable.

One of the most annoying elements on some diver watches is too much text. Some popular divers have 4-5 lines of print on the bottom half of the dial. This can be appreciated as superfluous. Personally, I prefer a cleaner dial.

We made renditions of the dial with and without the trident. The gut feeling was very clear and the latter felt unquestionably most right. And that’s the way it’s going to be!

150 Famnar = 150 Fathoms, wait what?!

It shall never be of any doubt that the Celegin watches shall have a very strong dedication to Sweden. One of the details is that all print and all engraved text on the watch is in Swedish language.

Following that principle, and as a further dedication to the first proper diver watch, we decided to change the water resistance rating on the dial from meters to Swedish fathoms (famnar). A Swedish fathom is approximately 1.78 meters and hence the proper conversion of 300m would be expressed as 169 famnar. We rounded off downwards.

Next steps

In addition to removing the dial trident, we made some smaller typographic updates to the dial print. Other than that, we’re very happy with the performance of the Treudd prototype – both technically and design!

The plan remains to produce the Treudd during spring/summer 2022. In the meanwhile, we’ll produce a couple of new prototypes with the updated dial. We have also started sketching the versions of Treudd that will be series produced, probably starting in 2023.

This is our so-called “Founder’s limited edition” and will be produced in 100 numbered pieces. The list price will be SEK 5450. Please send an e-mail to for reservations. All reservations are free of charge and can be cancelled at any time.