Viggen Cockpit GMT (release in 2023)

Viggen Cockpit GMT (J37XC)

Viggen Cockpit GMT

Celegin Viggen Cockpit GMT (ref J37XC) – automatic pilot watch – time, date & GMT.

Viggen is a modern edition of the class of pilot watches inspired by aviation instrumentation. The main design elements can be traced back to the German pilot watches of the 1930’s. Celegin Viggen is a watch dedicated to the Swedish fighter jet SAAB JA37 Viggen, in service from the 1970’s to the 2000’s. We’ve based the design on the actual cockpit clock. Consequently, this first version (J37XC) has four hands like the cockpit clock by means of a 24h GMT hand. Viggen Cockpit GMT is not a limited edition, but limited production like our other watches. Delivery is planned for 2023 and we’re open for paid pre-orders at a discounted price. Every watch has its serial number engraved.

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SAAB JA37 Viggen

“No guts, no glory”

Normally, all print and text on our watches is in Swedish. This exception is completely deliberate and here’s the story.

English is the universal aviation language and “No guts, no glory” is a phrase that was heard among the Swedish fighter- and test pilots. Our first design of the Viggen watch was a three hander, just like our first productions. The idea of being more true to the actual cockpit clock gave birth to this GMT version. It felt so exciting when we tested the design and simply had to move forward with it.

SW300-1 is a very sophisticated automatic Swiss movement and it comes with a fairly hefty price tag. The decision to move along with the GMT watch was therefore not easy to take due to this. In line with the quote, this design is so exciting and we therefore choose to dare doing this design instead of playing it safe!

Embossed, closed case back with individual serial numbers engraved.


Unlike our first pilot watch series, Draken, the Viggen originates from the general design typically found in aviation instruments and watches. The classic sword hands, numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock interspaced by indexes against a black dial is one of several common combinations found at high altitude in supersonic speeds.

Dedicated to its namesake, we wanted this first version to have a strong connection to the cockpit clock.

The actual cockpit clock of the SAAB JA37 Viggen.

What is GMT?

At the birth of the jet age, with intercontinental flights appeared a need to be able to keep track of more than one time zone. One of the most common solutions to this is the addition of a fourth hand, independent of the other three hands. It’s normally designed differently than the other hands to avoid confusion and in order to maximize utility it often runs on 24 hours instead of 12 hours. In this way, any time zone across the globe can be tracked without having to think about if its PM or AM.

Illumination: SuperLuminova BGW9, white in daylight, turquise in darkness.

316L Stainless Steel with DLC coating

As related, the watch is black. This is acheived by means of an extremely durable coating called “Diamond-like Carbon” (DLC). The result and finish appears as matte black metal.


Viggen Cockpit GMT (J37XC) comes in three choices of straps: canvas, leather (crazy horse) or bracelet. A 2-piece seatbelt nylon strap is included in all options.

Viggen (J37XC) with canvas, pre-order price: SEK 8 750 / USD 990
Viggen (J37XC) with leather strap (crazy horse), pre-order price: 8 950 SEK / USD 1020
Viggen (J37XC) with bracelet, pre-order price: SEK 9 450 / USD 1 080

Specifications Viggen Cockpit GMT

VersionBlack (black bezel, black dial)
Price (SEK)Canvas strap: 9 250 (pre-order 8 750)
Leather strap: 9 450 (pre-order 8 950)
Bracelet: 9 950 (pre-order 9 450)
Bracelet & all straps options: 10 400 (9 950)
TypePilot watch
FuncitonsHours, minutes, seconds, GMT and date
Diameter41.5 mm (bezel)
Length (L2L)49 mm
Lug width22 mm
Height13.2 mm (approx.)
MovementSellita SW330-1
Power reserve40h
Case316L Stainless Steel, DLC coated
CrownScrew-down, polished
GlassSapphire crystal
Water resistance100m
StrapsCanvas, leather, or bracelet (plus a 2-piece nylon)